HP unveils Distributed Cloud Networking SDN solution

At SDN and OpenFlow World Congress, HP announced it has expanded network virtualization portfolio with a new Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) solution.

The DCN solution is immediately available worldwide with a starting price of $65,585 for a single instance and will also be offered for enhanced virtual networking as part of the previously announced HP OpenNFV program.

DCN is a software defined networking (SDN) solution that enables service providers and large organizations to automatically deploy secure cloud networks across a distributed infrastructure in minutes versus months.

DCN also accelerates communication service providers’ (CSPs) journey to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) by optimizing network resources, increasing agility and speeding time-to-market through dynamic, service-driven configuration.

HPWith SDN and network virtualization, DCN enables network administrators to control the distributed networking environment from one central location, whether the organization incorporates private, public or hybrid data centers.

Thanks to the automated management capability of DCN, the solution helps customers earn true return on investment of networking equipment. It also lowers the total cost of ownership to deliver enhanced user experience and increased productivity.

Antonio Neri, SVP and general manager, Servers and Networking, HP, said, “Distributed Cloud Networking allows customers to seamlessly work across their distributed environment, removing the need to manually reconfigure the network and offering a more efficient infrastructure at reduced costs.”

The DCN includes elements such as HP Virtualized Service Directory, HP Distributed Services Controller and HP Distributed Virtual Routing and Switching.

The HP Virtualized Service Directory refines service design and integrates with customer service policies.

HP Distributed Services Controller serves as a robust control plane of the data center network.

HP Distributed Virtual Routing and Switching, based on Open vSwitch, serves as a virtual endpoint for network services allowing for changes in the compute environment to be immediately detected, thereby triggering the right network connectivity to ensure the needs of applications are met.

The DCN solution also addresses a wide range of use cases, especially automation, IT self-service, Multi Data Center, DevOps and NFV.

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