HP Enterprise signs $210 million deal with Cambridge University Hospitals to transform care delivery

Infotech Lead America: HP Enterprise Services has signed a $210 million deal with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) to transform care delivery.

The 10-year agreement supports CUH’s eHospital program to become a true digital hospital by enabling more efficient, effective clinical decisions as well as improving overall quality of patient safety and care.

HP will work with CUH to create a secure, robust, integrated IT environment that allows clinical staff to access a unified view of each patient’s clinical and administrative information via its new electronic patient record system.

Keith McNeil, chief executive, Cambridge University Hospitals, said: “Our patients will see significant benefits as we will be able to care for them in a safer and more effective way, spend more time with them and, very importantly, they will be much more involved in their own care.”

Moreover, HP will provide Enterprise Applications Hosting, Network Management, HP WorkPlace 360 services and other infrastructure services to create a consistent, scalable, secure foundation for CUH’s transformation.

HP will host and operate CUH’s new electronic patient record system, along with other hospital software applications, from secure HP data centers in the UK.

CUH’s clinical staff will now have secure, role-based bedside access to a complete view of each patient’s information, including vital patient test results, history and images, and related medical research.

Tablet, handheld and other mobile devices, including clinicians’ own, will be used to access, report and communicate critical information to help staff make more informed decisions faster, allowing them to spend more time with patients rather than behind computers.

HP also will refresh CUH’s printing environment by digitizing and streamlining document-intensive processes to improve workflows in areas such as admissions, medical records and nursing stations.

Howard Hughes, Sr VP and GM, Enterprise Services—Europe, Middle East and Africa, HP, said: “HP team will combine its healthcare expertise with proven solutions to build a robust infrastructure to support the hospitals’ high standards of clinical excellence and improve patient outcomes.”

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