HP Apollo HPC systems promise 4 times better performance than standard rack servers

Enterprise IT vendor HP today announced Apollo high-performance computing (HPC) systems, promising up to 4 times better performance than standard rack servers.

Announcing this at the HP APJ Media Summit 2014 in Mumbai, India, HP vice president — servers Stephen Bovis today said HP Apollo HPC systems use less space and energy.

The new HP Apollo portfolio includes the air-cooled HP Apollo 6000 system and HP Apollo 8000 system for enterprises.

HP is also offering server financing options for HP Apollo 6000 and HP Apollo 8000 system in order to ensure flexible payment plan for enterprises.

HP vice president - servers Stephen Bovis


HP Apollo 6000 system

HP Apollo 6000 system comes with up to 160 servers per rack. When compared with rival blade servers, HP Apollo 6000 system servers use 46 percent less energy to ensure low cost of operational expenses, said HP.

HP Apollo 8000 system

The enterprise IT vendor said HP Apollo 8000 system is the world’s first 100 percent liquid-cooled super computer. HP Apollo 8000 system has 144 servers per rack. HP Apollo 8000 system can offer 4 times the teraflops per rack compared to air-cooled designs. Enterprise data centers can save up to 3,800 tons of carbon dioxide waste per year.

HP Apollo 8000 system enables enterprises to save $800,000 in operating expenses per year.

Steve Hammand, director, Computational Science Center, NREL, said: “Because we are capturing and using waste heat, we will save another $200,000. In addition, we are saving $1 million per year in operation costs for a data center.”



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