HP APJ Media Summit 2014: Jim Merrit on IT innovation

Jim Merrit, senior vice president, enterprise group, HP, today said the company has become a leaner organization to take on new challenges in the IT market.

Jim Merrit, senior vice president, enterprise group, HP

HP, which is celebrating 75 years of existence with better products and services, did not compromise on innovation, he said at the HP APJ Media Summit 2014.

“HP Moonshot invented by us assisted several enterprise to reduce cost of operations,” said Merrit.

HP replaced copper with Photonics that destroys distance.

HP derives most revenue from infrastructure business. “We innovate to assist enterprises to achieve the new style of IT,” Merrit added.

New style of IT focuses on the following:

  • Hybrid
  • Scalable
  • Information
  • Opex
  • Converged
  • Flexible
  • Automated
  • Agile


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