How Pure Storage assisted Ampersand in achieving capital savings of $2 mn

Pure Storage has revealed how Ampersand, which provides TV inventory and viewership insights for the TV industry, is leveraging Pure Storage’s platform to increase performance in support of its hybrid cloud strategy, optimizing TV campaigns for clients.
Pure Storage for business technologyAmpersand has achieved capital savings of $1-$2 million and ongoing support cost reduction, eliminating the need for substantial backup data center investments.

Ampersand helps clients reach their target audience and deliver their messages on any device using data-driven insights.

Ampersand faced significant challenges in delivering better experience on account of factors such as outages from inadequate data storage infrastructure, inadequate support for the cloud, and sluggish performance.

Ampersand, as part of its hybrid cloud strategy, deployed the Pure Storage platform to enhance both the resilience and performance of its data, and deliver data-driven insights to clients.

Ampersand’s cloud and infrastructure strategy involves migrating on-premises data to AWS, focusing on separating data and applications strategically. Pure Storage’s platform plays a vital role, simplifying data migration and storage in AWS, while enabling seamless scalability.

Benefits include:

From the Pure1 interface, Ampersand can move data into the cloud or repatriate data to the physical data center without reformatting data or refactoring applications. Additionally, Ampersand is consuming less storage capacity in AWS with Pure Storage snapshots, achieving average data reduction rates of 5:1. The company gains better performance, at a lower cost, with complete data portability.

With Pure Cloud Block Store (CBS), Ampersand eliminates aging hardware constraints and continues to ensure optimal failover in AWS. To date, this has resulted in estimated capital savings of USD $1-$2 million and ongoing support cost reduction, eliminating the need for substantial backup data center investments.

Previously, migrating workloads to the cloud posed challenges with complex database replication for Ampersand. CBS addressed these issues, operating transparently at the array level and eliminating the need for persistent EC2 instances, streamlining AWS infrastructure and minimizing disruptions to on-premises databases. In fact, Ampersand is confident that CBS will deliver superior performance and cost-effectiveness in its current migration.

With Pure Cloud Block Store, Ampersand can efficiently migrate critical databases into AWS, maintaining continuity during transitions. The use of Pure Storage array-based replication to CBS arrays and the immutability of those snapshots helps Ampersand protect data from accidental or malicious destruction with near instantaneous restoration times.

“The integration of Pure Cloud Block Store on AWS seamlessly combines the strengths of private and public cloud solutions, offering us unparalleled control over our data,” Seth Weingarten, VP, Network Operations, Ampersand, said.

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