How Cisco performed in India?

Cisco june 6
Cisco CEO Charles H Robbins last week said the enterprise networking company’s India revenue in fiscal Q4 2015 rose 5 percent.

The company does not share specific details on country-wise revenues. Revenue growth in India was a bright spot for Cisco because performance in other regions in the BRICSM region was not encouraging for the company. Cisco posted 45 percent drop in Q4 revenue from Brazil, a part of its BRICSM region, 38 percent dip in Russia, 3 percent decrease in China.

Revenue in Mexico rose 26 percent. All the emerging countries outside of those five grew 3 percent, said Cisco CEO during an analyst call.

Cisco said Americas grew 7 percent, EMEA declined 1 percent, and APJC declined by 1 percent. Total emerging markets declined 2 percent, with the BRICs plus Mexico down 7 percent.

Meanwhile, Cisco Q4 revenue grew 4 percent to $12.8 billion, while full-year fiscal year 2015 revenue rose 4 percent to $49.2 billion.

The company said its switching grew 2 percent, with 200 percent-plus growth of ACI, both the Nexus 9000 and ASIC, and strong performance in the Catalyst business. Growth in collaboration business was 14 percent. Data center business grew 14 percent, with market leadership of UCS. Cisco said is wireless grew 7 percent, and security grew 4 percent.

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