How Cisco ACI assisted Bank Central Asia of Indonesia

Cisco technology at MWC 2017Networking major Cisco has revealed the achievements of Bank Central Asia (BCA) of Indonesia, following the deployment of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI).

The strategy of BCA was to accelerate service innovation and application deployment, free up IT to be more proactive, and provide new levels of security by implementing the leading software-defined networking (SDN) solution.

BCA’s performance improvements with ACI

# VM manual connectivity processes reduced from five to three

# Time required for new VM servers for existing applications reduced from 10-20 minutes to 10 seconds

# Endpoint physical port tracing time reduced from 5-10 minutes to 30 seconds

# Capacity measuring time reduced from 10-30 minutes to 20 seconds

# Entire manual processes behind network configuration replaced by XML/JSON scripting with Cisco API

# New level of security and troubleshooting

Bank Central Asia of Indonesia offers services through 1,213 branches, 17,207 ATMs, over 400,000 electronic data capture machines, and the web and mobile apps.

BCA leveraged Cisco’s ACI fabric as the foundation for increasing both software flexibility and hardware performance scalability.

Cisco ACI’s ability to centralize and automate management and policy enforcement along with its SDN capabilities also help to simplify BCA’s application deployment processes while maintaining a highly-secure environment.

“In the past, we spent most of our time fulfilling requests from the server and application teams, but Cisco ACI is saving us critical time and allowing our teams to try new things, explore new products and enhance our underlying systems and overall security posture,” said Lily Wongso, Data Center Network Manager at PT Bank Central Asia.

Cisco ACI strengthened BCA’s security posture by streamlining how the bank’s IT team manages its infrastructure and data repositories.

Security features include:

Locating culprit VMs and their physical hosts requires lots of manual effort and time, but Cisco ACI addresses this by equipping the IT operations team with a map of the bank’s physical and virtual component locations.

Cisco ACI traceroute feature provides visibility over data flows from backend systems to customer-facing channels, allowing IT to spot and tackle root causes of problems by exposing the routes that packets take.

Cisco ACI’s health score feature reduced the time for troubleshooting tasks to seconds from to 10 minutes.

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