Holland Casino deploys Dell solution replacing HP EVA storage

Infotech Lead Asia: Holland Casino has deployed Dell Storage solution, replacing its HP EVA storage system.

The company now benefits from 75 percent cost savings on the purchase of storage disks from Dell.

Besides increased reliability, Holland Casino staff is able to take advantage of a smoother user experience.

Holland Casino hosts IT for its 14 sites in a centralized data center that supports 600 end users as well as applications which hold customer contact and gaming information.

Holland Casino replaced HP because it could not process the data quickly enough though the legacy storage infrastructure was able to scale out to meet growing capacity demands.

Henk Lammers, IT operations manager at Holland Casino, said: “Our data management must comply with various government regulations which ensure that our customers have a safe and pleasant playing experience.”

Holland Casino opted to update to Dell Compellent because of its flexibility, stability, ease-of-management and Fluid Data approach. Besides scalability, the solution also integrates well with existing infrastructures by supporting both iSCSI and Fiber Channel.

The IT team has reported that the new storage architecture is much more efficient, allowing administrators to spend more time on proactive tasks. The databases are now continuously available and applications run much more smoothly, both at startup and while in use.

Measurable savings on administration times have also been made which avoids IT staff having to shut down the system during routine maintenance tasks such as firmware updates.

Holland Casino’s new IT infrastructure with Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager enables the company to perform maintenance tasks in 2 hours instead of the previous 200 hours.

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