Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is better than IBM: HDS

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) says its Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) all-flash configuration achieved the highest Storage Performance Council (SPC-1) result for an external enterprise storage system.

Under the SPC-1 methodology, the scalability of Hitachi VSP all-flash configuration was 33 percent higher than the IBM DS88702 with more than 3 times better performance per dollar.

The Hitachi VSP architecture showed response times between 7 and 18 times lower with varying loads than the midrange HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 system.

“SPC-1 result demonstrates the superiority of the Hitachi VSP architecture and our system flash optimization engineering,” said Asim Zaheer, senior vice president, worldwide marketing, Hitachi Data Systems.

Hitachi VSP all-flash configuration allows organizations to maximize the return on their investments in flash technology while accelerating application performance, maximizing server virtualization environments, and enabling high-speed private cloud deployments.

With a 602,019.47 SPC IOPS in the SPC-1 result and 65 percent decrease in cost per SPC-1 IOPS from hard-drive-based systems, Hitachi VSP with flash acceleration and Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage bring customers the best performance available from an enterprise storage system.


Greater Productivity: Sustain significantly more business transactions, up to 223 percent, compared to Hitachi VSP with all 15K rpm SAS hard disk drives (HDD)1.

Increased Efficiency and Application Performance: Up to 88 percent reduction in application response times compared to Hitachi VSP with all-HDD1, allowing support for more users and applications.

Lower Environmental Cost: Up to 98 percent reduction in drive footprint compared to Hitachi VSP with all-HDD1.

Lower Price-Performance Ratio: As much as 65 percent lower price-performance ratio compared to Hitachi VSP with all-HDD1.

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