Hitachi Data Systems upgrades three infrastructure solutions

Hitachi Data Systems has unveiled enhancements to three infrastructure solutions.

Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM) all flash system, Hitachi Unified Storage and Hitachi NAS Platform, and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform will enable enterprises to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 30 percent.

These enhanced infrastructure solutions will benefit enterprises as it doubles the performance benefits of previous generations.

“We count on the reliability of Hitachi Data Systems for our most critical workloads. The flash technology, along with dynamic tiering, addresses our needs of high data growth along with higher performance by delivering sub-millisecond response times. It protected our investments while seamlessly integrating with our storage architecture without any disruption,” said Jitendra Sangharajka, associate VP, Information Systems, Infosys.

Hitachi’s HUS VM flash system, Unified Storage and NAS Platform, and UCP portfolio offer efficient IT platforms to enterprises.

“The Hitachi Data Systems primary storage deduplication approach is a smart approach, and we did not have to compromise how we run our business. The key is that the deduplication process is workload-aware; it throttles back when the file service load reaches a certain level of available IOPS, and then the process automatically resumes when the system becomes less busy. This means there is no impact to a user’s performance,” said Troy D. Williams, manager, Storage and Virtualization at Indiana University.

Cost-effective flexibility and elasticity of private cloud deployments offer the speed and ability to sustain peak workloads. These benefits are vital to support the service levels enterprises require to meet user demands.

“The right technology and support help us get where we want to go, quickly and wisely. Because of what we’ve accomplished and what we continue to accomplish with Hitachi Data Systems, we are poised to continuously evolve as a company and team, and to bring a plethora of new offerings to market very soon. The new Hitachi UCP solutions are an exciting addition to an already strong portfolio of technology,” said Howard Holton, director, IT at Precision Discovery.


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