Global Nomads selects Polycom video solutions

Global Nomads Group (GNG) has selected Polycom RealPresence video solutions to provide video collaboration for a Students Rebuild project.

Supported by GNG, Students Rebuild is an initiative, which is led by the Bezos Family Foundation. The project mobilizes students worldwide to connect, learn, and take action to address critical global issues.

The project unites students in North America and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to jointly create and implement business plans that support community rebuilding projects in eastern DRC.

The video collaboration facility will allow the Congolese and North American students discuss opportunities to create handcrafted items in the DRC that North American students can sell.

The profits earned by the initiative will be invested back into the Goma community, located in the Eastern part of the country on the border with Rwanda.

“Polycom video solutions and platform allow students to develop viable business plans, collaborate to accomplish common goals, and help to improve the lives of those living in the DRC. Video collaboration eliminates the barriers of time and distance separating the countries, and helps to enhance trust and understanding,” said Chris Plutte, Executive Director at Global Nomads Group.

Polycom has provided the project with all-in-one video collaboration software called Polycom CMA Desktop.

The software is designed to improve productivity cost-effectively, enables Congolese students to communicate with students in North America via a laptop computer.

The students of this project have also experienced video discussions on tablets using Polycom RealPresence Mobile, a free app that extends video collaboration beyond traditional conference rooms.

Global Nomads selects Polycom RealPresence video collaboration

In March, Global Nomads Group (GNG) selected Polycom RealPresence video collaboration solutions to support Youth Talk, an interactive video collaboration program for students ages 14-18.


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