Global in-flight Wi-Fi market outlook 2021 unveiled

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The global in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.50 percent during 2016-2021 period, Research and Markets said.

In-Flight Wi-Fi enables people to remain connected and updated with the latest activities all across the globe even while traveling above 3,000 meters in the air.

The global in-flight Wi-Fi market is likely to be fuelled by increasing number of commercial aircrafts all over the world, which are anticipated to reach to 40,020 by 2032.

In addition to that, rising penetration of smartphones and formulation of favorable guidelines by the aviation authorities for the use of in-flight Wi-Fi services inside an aircraft would further boost the airborne wireless connectivity market over the next few years.

However, lack of safety and security, higher costs and lack of technology are some of the major challenges that would restrain the growth of in-flight Wi-Fi market during the forecast period.

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