GE Capital launches mobile version of sales productivity tool

Infotech Lead America: GE Capital’s Office Imaging (OI) business has launched the mobile version of Leasingsource, its online sales productivity tool.

OI dealers will benefit as they can track deals using iPads and iPhones and receive credit approvals in minutes.

“Dealers conduct so much of their business out of the office that using mobile technology is crucial to their day-to-day routines. Our new mobile app allows dealers to be more competitive and more productive. In most cases, they’ll be able to get a decision before leaving the customer’s office,” said Glen Clark, vice president and general manager of GE Capital’s OI business.

Utilizing Leasingsource, OI dealers can submit credit applications for new and existing customers; receive instant approvals on qualified deals, and check funding and take-down status.

GE said current Leasingsource users can access the mobile app using their existing log-in identification. Dealers who want to obtain access to Leasingsource should contact their GE Capital sales representative.

Currently, the Leasingsource mobile app is only available for dealers in the OI industry. However, future generations of the app will be available for additional industries and customers.

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