FusionStor brings Build To Order concept in server market

Infotech Lead India: FusionStor Technologies announced its Build To Order concept in the server market.

The new concept is part of FusionStor Technologies’ launch of Invento servers in the country.

FusionStor Technologies will be targeting SMB market in India.

The Invento server series include 1U/2U general purpose servers, multi-node high density servers (Compacto & Quadra Series), and 4-way high end business critical servers.

The Invento Series family covers latest 1P/2P/4P Intel Xeon Platforms with high scalability, ultra-dense design along with remarkable energy/cooling efficiency and infrastructure investment savings.

Build To Order Concept

FusionStor has also added BTO (Build To Order) model for its INOVA  Unified Storage (NAS, ISCSI, FC) range of NAS products.

FusionStor servers can be specifically engineered and customized to meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

FusionStor aims at providing quality and requirements within the budget.

The company claims that this will be the first initiative ever taken by a storage brand company to launch a BTO model to address the storage requirements for the end customer with their Budgets in mind.

“With the launch of the Invento Series Servers we will have a major benefit of faster penetration in all major verticals, as our products are designed to cater to the customer requirements and are engineered for future scalability,” said Amod Phadke, CEO, FusionStor.

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