Fujitsu in RFID technology contract with Boeing

Fujitsu for IT transformationFujitsu has signed a RFID contract with the Boeing Company to supply RFID Integrated Labels that improves the efficiency of lifecycle management for aircraft components.

Boeing aims to manage individual components, achieve accurate traceability, and enhance efficiency of its aircraft maintenance work by attaching RFID labels to major aircraft components from the manufacturing stage for all aircraft.

Fujitsu has already supplied RFID labels to major aircraft manufacturers.

Boeing is moving forward on automatically generated ARLs by using RFID labels, and has now decided to deploy the labels to its manufacturing lines.

By attaching Fujitsu’s RFID labels to approximately 7,000 aircraft components that make up a single aircraft and automatically generating an ARL, Boeing aims to digitally manage component information and improve task efficiency, including cutting man hours worked and reducing human error.

Fujitsu for circuit technology

Meanwhile, Fujitsu Laboratories today announced the development of circuit technology to improve the energy efficiency of hardware used for deep learning, without changing network structures or training algorithms, by reducing the bit width of the data used in deep learning processing.

Fujitsu Laboratories said its computational algorithm-driven circuit technology has a numerical representation that reduces data bit width used in computations.

Fujitsu in pact with UBiqube

Fujitsu has entered into an alliance with UBiqube, a Dublin, Ireland-based developer of orchestration software products. The alliance seeks to strengthen integrated operations management solutions connecting products and services offered to customers who are telecom operators, corporations, and local governments operating and managing large-scale networks.

UBiqube’s software features numerous flexible application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide advanced visualization of network data and status, as well as automation of service operations and management.