Fujitsu offers PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box for SME digital transformation  



Fujitsu introduced a new hyperconverged system, the PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box solution, to help small to midsize firms  to transform digitally.

“The new ‘all-in-one’ hyperconverged system enables small and midsize organizations to more easily adopt ‘Fast IT’ solutions even when on-site IT support is rare, or non-existent,” the company said in a press statement.

Fujitsu said the entry-level PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box configuration can power up to 60 virtual desktops. It ideally suits to business-critical deployments such as hosting a web shop or running an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) database.

With regard to installation, the company said new systems are usually online in less than an hour, thanks to factory pre-configuration and software pre-installation, plus a wizard-driven, step-by-step guided process that lets customers select variables such as storage capacities and allocate processing, storage and network resources according to their needs.

Inside the box, Fujitsu has integrated two physical servers, data storage and networking devices. An optional expansion doubles the number of servers and gives the PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box enough power to host up to 200 virtual desktops.

The product is available from Fujitsu and via distribution partners. Availability and prices vary by region, and configuration.

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