Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 5300 series simplifies migration to 10 GbE

Fujitsu Network Communications has launched the FLASHWAVE 5300 Ethernet Access and Aggregation Devices.

The FLASHWAVE 5300 series facilitates migration by carriers or enterprises to an Ethernet-optimized infrastructure while ensuring the reliability and manageability found only in traditional telecom transport technologies, the company said.

The unique design of the FLASHWAVE 5300 series  means that the same platform initially configured for Gigabit Ethernet networking can be upgraded later to support 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) simply by swapping the SFP interface with an SFP+.

The solution not only delivers higher network performance but also offers faster migration, resulting in faster time to revenue and increased return on investment, Fujitsu  said.

The FLASHWAVE 5300 series supports the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) G.8032v2 standard for Ethernet ring protection switching, ensuring a sub-50 ms failover in the event of a network  disruption.

The ITU Y.1731 standard for advanced Ethernet OAM functionalities provides greater network performance visibility. The NETSMART 1200 also facilitates provisioning of Ethernet tunnels, protection domains and service OAM (SOAM) Y.1731 monitoring.

”The FLASHWAVE 5300 is an integral new piece of the complete Fujitsu Ethernet solution,” said Steve Pelosi, vice president and head of Optical Products, Fujitsu Network Communications.

”We see the technology being deployed for everything from Ethernet business services to mobile backhaul,” Pelosi added. “Whatever the purpose and whatever stage of Carrier Ethernet adoption a customer may be in, Fujitsu has the access, aggregation and metro network devices, as well as the management system, to make them successful.”

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]