Fujitsu to demo new security and surveillance systems

Fujitsu Semiconductor America (FSA) will showcase 360-degree Wraparound View technology and ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) ICs for security and surveillance systems at the annual XVII Exposec International Security Fair in Sao Paulo May 13-15.

Fujitsu said its 360-degree Wraparound View technology delivers 3-D hemispheric view of a building’s surroundings.

Fujitsu 360-degree Wrap-Around Video Imaging Technology uses an integrated SoC and 3D algorithms to synthesize images from several cameras, recreating a seamless, 3D omnidirectional view of the area around a building. The SoC’s video-processing technology can show any perspective and any sightline, and instantaneously and smoothly transition from one view to another.

The technology is unique in its ability to offer a dynamically definable perspective or free eye point, which enables system designers to select the perspective that provides the viewer with detailed information. Wrap-Around Video Imaging Technology is ideal for security and surveillance systems, said Fujitsu.

Fujitsu FRAM ICs combine the benefits of conventional non-volatile memories with RAM to provide fast data rewriting and reliable data retention with ultra-low power requirements.

FRAM is the new generation of non-volatile memory that outperforms memories like E2PROM and Flash, consumes less power, and offers higher speed and endurance to multiple read-and-write operations.

This storage medium is used in a variety of applications including data logging, smart cards, RFID, security, metering equipment and other applications that require high-performance non-volatile memory, said Fujitsu.

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