Fujitsu India research center to focus on AI, ML and quantum software

Fujitsu announced its new research center in India to strengthen focus on research and development into AI and machine learning technologies, as well as quantum software.
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Fujitsu India said the number of its researchers will reach 50 by fiscal 2024. Fujitsu Group will expand its research fields into security and other areas and will conduct software R&D in collaboration with Fujitsu’s global network of research centers in areas including Japan, Europe, and the United States with the aim of creating software for global distribution.

Fujitsu India’s research center will do research with the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad and the Indian Institute of Science to promote innovation in AI technologies. The joint research activities will initially focus on improving the accuracy and resilience of AI and machine learning technology.

R&D with the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad will focus on AI technology to discover causal relationships with higher accuracy, while collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science will center on technology to automatically generate AI through autonomous training in response to various environmental changes.

“Strengthening our presence in India will allow us to tap into the potential offered by researchers with local institutions and universities that drive global software technology development,” Vivek Mahajan, Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu, said.

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