Fujitsu Announces Recruitment Plans for 2024 and 2025

Fujitsu unveiled its comprehensive mid-career recruitment strategy for fiscal year 2024 alongside its fresh graduate recruitment plans for fiscal year 2025, showcasing a strategic push towards bolstering its talent pool to meet evolving business needs.
Fujitsu jobAligned with its Medium-Term Management Plan, unveiled in May 2023, Fujitsu is charting a course towards becoming a “technology company that achieves net positivity through digital services” by 2030, signaling a profound shift in its operational paradigm and strategic vision.

Fujitsu aims to onboard a minimum of 2,000 mid-career recruits for fiscal year 2024, demonstrating a commitment to attracting diverse talent with specialized expertise across various domains crucial for driving Fujitsu Uvance’s business expansion. Additionally, approximately 800 new graduates are earmarked for recruitment in fiscal year 2025, as Fujitsu remains steadfast in its efforts to cultivate fresh talent capable of leading in the consulting field.

In a departure from traditional recruitment practices, Fujitsu has announced a transition to a job-based hiring system for new graduates. This shift entails discontinuing the open recruitment course, where applicants vie for unspecified job roles, in favor of two distinct pathways: the job category specific course and the job-matching course. These tailored approaches aim to streamline recruitment efforts while ensuring optimal alignment between candidates’ skills and organizational needs.

Crucially, Fujitsu’s recruitment drive extends beyond its flagship entities, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Japan, encompassing all Fujitsu Group companies. These subsidiaries will independently pursue both mid-career and new graduate recruitment initiatives, with detailed information available on their respective recruitment portals.

In line with its commitment to equitable hiring practices, Fujitsu reaffirmed its adherence to the “Request for Employment and Recruitment Activity for University Students who are Graduating in FY2024” guidelines issued by the Japanese government, underscoring its dedication to fair and transparent recruitment processes.

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