launched in Finland, Ireland and Norway has launched the company’s free conference calling services in Finland, Ireland and Norway. 

The service is presently used by 20 million callers around the world. 

It revolutionizes the way domestic an international teleconferences are  planned. It also offers a high-quality and reservation less conferencing services. It provides to the consumers free domestic and international free conferencing services. This is beneficial for consumers as it cost effective than a a regular domestic phone call. Additionally, with free screen sharing, it shares files and other content online.

“Businesses and consumers are saving millions of dollars every year by using free conferencing services. We have over 10 years experience providing quality conference calling services and we are excited about expanding our services to Finland, Ireland and Norway. We look forward to showing businesses and consumers how simple and cost-effective it is to teleconference domestically as well as around the globe,” said David Erickson, founder and CEO of

It has the capacity to conference without a reservation for up to 96 callers on one call, users can record, playback and download conference call for free,  capability to give out and files or sound recordings to listeners via RSS, free international access numbers to every country in the network, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and many countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. After every call a free call detail report is sent via email. 

Free international calls are simple and easy to use. The basic requirements includes a name and an e-mail id for receiving instant account.  Once the user is signed in, provides a committed dial-in-number plus an access code for the free teleconferencing system. This service is available 24/7 without any reservations. This proves beneficial to users as they can access at anytime for inviting participants, download, listen or podcast recordings. Privacy settings is also taken into consideration, where the user’s personal data is safe and never shared or sold.

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