Fashion Institute taps Aruba Networks’ WLAN, replaces Meru

Infotech Lead America: Aruba Networks says its wireless LAN (WLAN) has been deployed by Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

FIT, which has replaced Meru Networks, is deploying an Aruba wireless LAN with the ClearPass Access Management System at its New York City campus.

The new WLAN is designed to deliver secure, reliable campus-wide access as well as comprehensive guest access and management.

“When selecting our new WLAN, we looked for a solution that would deliver secure, reliable network access for our students and staff, as well as comprehensive, easily managed guest access,” said Gregg Chottiner, VP of Information Technology and CIO for FIT.


Aruba Networks’ WLAN supports the high bandwidth multimedia, video and real-world industry programs in use in the College’s academic environment while enabling the college to manage the burgeoning number of mobile devices being brought onto campus due to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.

Earlier, Meru Networks’ WLAN posed several challenges to FIT’s urban location. These challenges included an average building height of 10 stories for FIT’s academic, residential and event buildings, a high level of RF interference, and high population density.

With the previous WLAN solution, FIT students complained of a poor Wi-Fi experience, with slow performance and unreliable service. As a result, many rogue APs were brought onto campus, creating management issues for the College’s IT department.

The prior WLAN also had trouble accommodating the thousands of guests coming onto campus, many of whom carry multiple personal wireless devices that need secure, appropriate access to the College’s network.

Once complete, FIT’s new WLAN will include over 1,000 Aruba AP-135 access points, Aruba 7240 mobility controllers, the Aruba AirWave Network Management System and the Aruba ClearPass Access Management System.

By enabling FIT to manage network policies, securely onboard and manage devices, and admit guest users, ClearPass will allow FIT to accommodate BYOD while improving the security of the wireless network.

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