Facebook updates video with new Call to action

Facebook has updated the video features to provide publishers with a more detailed metrics and better tools to help them reach their audience.

“Call to action,” is a new feature allows content creators to invite people to visit a destination, such as a website, after the video ends to learn more, watch more or make a purchase.

facebook videoWith this new feature, publishers can make videos more engaging and get better turnout from the user interaction.

The new video update will also allow people to see how many views a video on Facebook has received. Views will be shown on public videos from people and Pages, to help people discover new, popular videos.

Facebook video has been an immersive way to share a story to the target audience. Video uploaded directly to Facebook is an increasingly important part of News Feed, and more people than ever before are sharing, discovering, and engaging with videos that they care about, a statement from Facebook said.

According to estimates, growth in video views exceeded 50 percent from May through July of this year, and since June there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook every day.

Videos have good viewers on mobile. An official statement from Facebook says more than 65 percent of video views are on mobile.

Last year Facebook updated the video with auto-play feature in News Feed. The features are easily customizable on both mobile and web.

Another recent improvement was Video ranking in News Feed, which shows people more videos that are relevant and interesting to them.

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