Facebook to offer buying-selling platform?

Social networking giant Facebook is testing a dedicated buying and selling community called Local Market, powered by Facebook groups.

A number of Facebook users recently reported seeing the new feature appearing briefly in their Facebook iPhone app, sometimes in place of the “Messenger” button, Tech Crunch reported.

The feature, which is only in testing but not broadly distributed, is a more structured marketplace aimed at buyers and sellers, allowing Facebook users to browse through or post items to sell across a variety of product categories like autos, appliances, furniture, clothing, household, kids, books, and much more.

The new section included both a ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ interface, as well as a way to search across the marketplace for particular items using keywords.

Items available for sale are categorised, and include photos and prices.

Facebook launches Slideshow

Meanwhile, Facebook on Friday launched a new feature called Slideshow for doing business using its platform.

The new feature is a lightweight video advertisement made from a series of still images, which is easy for advertisers to use and is engaging for people, the company said in a blog post.

“As people continue to connect to Facebook using different connection speeds and device types, plus as video consumption moves to mobile — video can also be challenge to advertisers,” the company said justifying the requirement of the new feature.

Facebook said the new feature will be rolled out soon starting with Ads Manager.


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