F5 Networks announces BIG-IP 4200v hardware platform

Infotech Lead India: F5 Networks announced the BIG-IP 4200v hardware platform.

This new appliance supports the consolidation of IT services for mid-sized enterprises facing high traffic volumes, as well as cloud organizations and service providers.

The platform also provides enhanced SSL processing capabilities, helping customers improve security while increasing server capacity and reducing overall systems costs.

“With F5’s versatile Application Delivery Controllers, customers can perform a growing number of valuable IT functions in the network,” said Jason Needham, VP of Core Traffic Management and Cloud Solutions at F5.

“The 4200v is a purpose-built hardware device with the processing power to support multiple application delivery services, offload SSL processing, and efficiently scale on a unified solution platform. With competitors, organizations would need to deploy multiple point products to add ADN services, further increasing infrastructure complexity and costs,” Needham added.

“Many organizations deploy multiple solutions to manage, optimize, and secure their growing mix of web applications,” said Bruce Hampton, Chief Technical Architect at Milestone Systems. “The BIG-IP 4200v provides a new way for us to help our customers combine availability, traffic management, security, optimization, and other application services while keeping complexity and costs down”

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