European enterprise networking market to slow: IDC

The networking market in Europe grew by 32.6 percent year on year in Q1 2023, following extremely strong 2022 results.
European Enterprise Networking MarketThe second half of 2022 produced strong results in the networking market in Europe due to clearing of equipment backlogs.

WLAN and non-datacenter ethernet switching accounted for the majority of market value. In Q1 2023, these two segments posted growth of 47.3 percent and 45.2 percent, respectively. Increasing prices drove up value. These technologies also recorded powerful growth in terms of shipments volume as well.

European networking market slowdown this year is expected, according to IDC surveys of European organizations’ investment sentiments in 2023. European enterprise networking market spending to post a significantly lower growth rate than in 2022 and Q1 2023, at around 3.5 percent for the remaining quarters, says Peter Kosinar, program manager for European Networking Infrastructure Solutions at IDC.

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