ETIAM and Vidyo partner to improve patient care through telemedicine

ETIAM and Vidyo are partnering to improve patient care through telemedicine and teleconsultation. ETIAM-Connect is the basis for this new offering.

ETIAM-Connect, an image and clinical data-sharing solution, aims to support telemedicine and the delivery of clinical care in remote settings. Through integration of the VidyoWorks platform, ETIAM-Connect will include HD video conferencing capabilities to provide quicker, more efficient patient care.

Currently, ETIAM-Connect is used to automate trauma transfers, referring physician access, multidisciplinary team communication, eHealth patient services and remote access.

“As more and more healthcare practitioners realize the vast benefit of visual communications embedded within their medical applications, the demand increases for scalable and interoperable software-based solutions such as Vidyo,” said Eric Le Guiniec, Vidyo’s VP and General Manager, EMEA.

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ETIAM-Connect directly addresses the needs of physicians for whom video communication and sharing of medical data and visual information are critical. The integration of the VidyoWorks platform with ETIAM-Connect delivers an unsurpassed level of communication easily and securely over the Internet and other general purpose IP networks and on everyday devices.

The VidyoWorks platform offers a HD videoconferencing solution for medical professionals. When video quality and reliability are prerequisites for a accurate patient/physician remote dialog, it’s important to rely on error resiliency and low latency rate matching thus enabling natural, affordable, high-quality video to work over the Internet, LTE and 4G networks.

ETIAM-Connect is the fastest solution for electronically sharing medical images and associated clinical data between institutions securely over the Internet and for intelligently delivering it in real-time.

Since 2010, over 150 hospitals worldwide have been exchanging images, documents and reports using ETIAM-Connect. About 3 million images are exchanged monthly on ETIAM-Connect, corresponding to more than 7,500 medical cases.

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