eRacks launches NAS50 with 400 Terabytes of storage

eRacks Open Source Systems announced 400TB version of the NAS50 9U server, the system houses 400 terabytes (8TBx50 drives).

They are 23 percent to 44 percent more efficient as the new 6Tb and 8TB drives are filled with Helium which requires less rotational energy. The drivers are lighter so the packing crate has a lower shipping weight which helps in saving money on shipping as well as on month to month electricity bill.

eRacks Open Source Systems will reduce power consumption as well as offers 25 percent additional storage capacity.

eRacks’ signature service is provisioning and pre configuration, all eRacks systems are available with any of the popular Linux distributions – Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, Centos, Fedora, even the Arch Linux distro, as well as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or other open source OSes.

They can set up one or multiple servers with pre configured cloud offerings such as OpenStack, CloudStack or Eucalyptus.

“Big Data system is the ultimate tool that any business out there should consider as it will not only reduce power consumption but also offer a twenty five percent additional storage capacity and brings watts per petabytes efficiency to a complete new level,” said Joseph Wolff, founder and CTO, eRacks Open Source Systems.

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