Enterprises to opt for less prominent switch vendors: IDC

India Ethernet switch market has registered 6.4 percent growth to $157 million in vendor revenue during the second quarter of 2022.
India Ethernet Switch market share Q2 2022Cisco leads the India Ethernet Switch market with a 51.1 percent share during 2Q22, followed by Arista and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Arista has 5.9 percent share in the the India Ethernet Switch market.

HPE has 5.7 percent share in the India Ethernet Switch market.

Juniper has 4.6 percent share in the India Ethernet Switch market.

Netgear has 2.5 percent share in the India Ethernet Switch market.

DC switching segment contributed to the growth with 19.8 percent increase. Non-DC switching segment fell 2.9 percent due to the chip shortages that vendors are facing primarily in the low-end switching that includes PoE switches.

Enterprises are willing to go beyond the top five vendors while procuring non-DC switches considering the existing lead times. Strong growth came from multi-gig, 25G, and 100G speeds. 200G switches are also picking up traction in India. Business verticals for switching during 2Q22 include services, manufacturing, finance, and telecom.

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