EMC Isilon enables 2.5 times capacity increase, 50% cut in expenses

EMC Corporation has launched the Data Lake Foundation and new features for Isilon that enables next generation use cases and increases capacity by 2.5 times by reducing expenses by 50 percent.

The new Isilion HD400 platform allows customers to scale their data Lake Foundation to 50PB. The new features in the OneFS 7.2 operating system supports integrated Hadoop management tools. OneFS combines the three layers of traditional storage architectures-file system, volume manager and data protection into one unified software layer.

The Data Lake Foundation brings data, applications and analytics together while delivering analytics wherever needed. EMC Isilon is providing its customer simpler ways to store and manage data so they can focus toward gaining insights and value from their data and customers are now eliminating storage silos.

Organizations these days are finding traditional techniques expensive to store manage and analyze information and are challenged by the proliferation of inefficient storage silos across the enterprise that are difficult to manage and protect. The traditional techniques are also slow to handle massive data volumes.

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56 percent of IT decisions makers in India find the current business environment challenging, as per the EMC ‘State of Big Data’ survey conducted in collaboration with IDG.

49 percent of decision makers are using Data Analytics for taking business decisions. 34 percent believe that analyzing data from diverse sources is one of the key challenges that can be addressed through Big Analytics. 31 percent feel it can help organizations in making informed strategic decisions and only 3 percent rate the analytical capabilities in their organizations as a world class.

EMC through Data Lake Foundation provides enterprise with efficient storage, architectures that are massively scalable and simple to manage, increased operational flexibility, protects data with efficient backup, disaster recovery and security options.

Recently, Live India, a Hindi news channel, has partnered with EMC to improve efficiency of its broadcasting and editing workflows.

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