EMC integrates SAP and VMware’s service capabilities for virtualized x86 environments

Infotech Lead India: EMC on Tuesday it will integrate SAP and VMware’s service capabilities and to help customers accelerate transformation of SAP applications to virtualized x86 environments.

The storage major also announced new transformational solutions and services to help customers move workloads of SAP solutions to private cloud infrastructure.

Rick King, Consulting Systems Programmer, Kindred Healthcare, said:

“By moving to cloud with VMware and EMC, we’re reducing our expenditures while gaining operational agility and stability. Rather than being consumed with keeping the infrastructure up and running, IT can focus on delivering on-demand IT services to doctors and nurses that are easy for them to use and supplements the quality of patient care.”

EMC says these additions are expected to revolutionize IT organizations and operations by simplifying the design, planning and operation of on-premise cloud computing infrastructures that take advantage of the latest EMC, SAP and VMware technologies.

Enterprise customers, who are running SAP solutions, as they can simplify IT management and focus on innovation and competitive advantage while reducing costs.

Mediaprint has recorded 300 percent improvement in response time for some applications.

Ferdinand Karner, head of Systems and Base Services, Mediaprint, said:

“With EMC and VMware, we’ve seen a 300 percent improvement in response times for some applications. Editorial and business staff can now work faster so that important news stories and advertising copy are delivered quickly and efficiently.”


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