Eka Software launches business intelligence and analytics platform

Manav Garg, CEO & founder Eka Software Solutions

 Infotech Lead India: Eka Software, a provider of commodities trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions, has launched its business intelligence and analytics platform Eka.Analytics.

The new platform will assist commodity firms to monitor and manage their performance and risks across enterprise, business unit and trader.

Eka.Analytics is designed for commodity markets with ability to view, analyze and simulate key performance metrics like position, market movements, risk exposure, counterparty risk limits, P&L attribution etc. It provides visually intuitive analytics tools to transform transactional data into insights that are easily consumable for analysis and decision making.

Eka.Analytics will provide users the ability drill through from enterprise to transaction level and also to roll up to enterprise view in order to investigate as well as act and provide both role based and functional dashboards with a configurable library of widgets.

Eka.Analytics is CTRM platform agnostics and can be used as add-on module with Eka CTRM or can be integrated with third party CTRM solutions, spreadsheets and order management systems. Eka.Analytics would be accessible both on web and native mobile applications like smart-phones and tablets.

“Traditionally CTRM system have had very limited analytics and BI capabilities and have generally relied on standardized reports and KPIs that are more suitable for senior executives.” said Manav Garg, CEO & founder Eka Software Solutions.

“Eka.Analytics has the capability to mine, analyze and generate real time insights that could easily be customized for both strategic decision making by C-level executives and traders and risk managers for tactical purposes,” Garg added.

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