Education Commission of Beijing Xicheng District deploys Polycom RealPresence video solutions

Education Commission of Beijing Xicheng District has selectedfor remote education and international exchange for 260 classrooms.

The Education Commission of Beijing Xicheng District leads in establishing a collaborative learning model with more than 180 schools and 380 private education institutions

As part of the initiative in phase I, the Commission will deploy video classrooms in 10 middle schools, 50 standard schools and 200 cooperative schools by September 2012.

Video collaboration in classrooms will enable students in Xicheng District Education Commission-allied schools to benefit from face-to-face learning experience, accessing information and knowledge, and dialogue with students in other school regions inChinaas well as other countries.

“In the past, the education institutions under the Xicheng District Education Commission – consisting of elementary and secondary schools, private schools, supplementary education providers and private education institutions – functioned relatively independently of one another,” said Liu Zhong, deputy director of the Education Commission of Beijing Xicheng District.

The RealPresence UC Board supplements the interactive learning experience, allowing students and teachers to simply pick up a digital pen to transform LCD monitors or plain surfaces into digital whiteboards so that users can share ideas and collaborate across any distance.

“Polycom video collaboration solutions for education have brought teachers and classrooms together from all over the world, enhancing collaboration between education providers and creating greater trust and understanding through visual connections,” said Steven Li, vice president and general manager, Polycom China.

The Commission plans to extend the use of the new remote education system to include seminars that build professional competencies and bilingual education.

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