DRAMeXchange lists top SSD module makers

The top SSD module makers (NAND Flash manufacturers excluded) for 2017 are Kingston (23 percent), ADATA (8 percent) and Tigo (7 percent), DRAMeXchange.
ssd module makers in 2017The shipments of SSD products in the channel market recorded 55 million units (–3-4 percent) in 2017.

The SSD shipments from all branded NAND Flash manufacturers including Samsung, Toshiba, WDC, Micron, SK Hynix, Intel and others fell nearly 10 percent in 2017. SSD shipments from all memory module makers grew 2-3 percent.

Branded NAND Flash manufacturers jointly accounted for 40 percent of the SSD shipments for 2017, while 60 percent was contributed by memory module makers.

The changing landscape in the SSD market is due to the undersupply of NAND Flash in H1 2017. Faced with the tight supply, the NAND Flash manufacturers made adjustments to their SSD product mixes and allocated more capacity to PC OEM and Server/Data Center OEM sectors, where the gross margins are higher.

Kingston secured the first place with a remarkable market share of 23 percent. As one of the top suppliers of flash drives and memory cards, Kingston manages to retain its advantages in the SSD sector.

The top 10 SSD module makers in the ranking accounted for 67 percent of the total SSD shipment worldwide.

ADATA Technology took the second place as it managed to expand its market share by exploring the potential markets other than Europe, the United States, and China. ADATA has increased the retail prices of its products together with the rising costs of NAND Flash.

Tigo’s SSD business focuses on the Chinese market, where the company deploys product lines to expand its share and to build the brand image.

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