Dollar Bank to replace 60 older non-NCR ATMs with NCR’s deposit-taking ATMs

Infotech Lead America: Dollar Bank will begin replacing 60 older non-NCR ATMs with NCR’s advanced deposit-taking ATMs, NCR SelfServ with scalable deposit module.

All of Dollar Bank’s ATMs will run on NCR APTRA Edge software for multivendor ATM environments.

NCR SelfServ ATMs with scalable deposit module (SDM) make the deposit portion of an ATM transaction twice as fast. SDM allows consumers to deposit both cash and checks simultaneously, in any orientation, through a single slot.

This technology makes ATM deposits faster and easier, and helps banks improve the customer experience. In addition to the SDM units, Dollar also is replacing 10 older ATMs with traditional NCR SelfServ ATMs.

Dollar Bank also has decided to run its ATM network using NCR APTRA multivendor software.

“Prior to our roll out of our video ATMs, Dollar Bank had never worked with NCR. But it quickly became clear to us that NCR shares Dollar’s passion for finding innovative ways to deliver great customer service,” said Jim McQuade, senior vice president of Retail Banking, Dollar Bank.

Dollar Bank began using NCR video ATMs, APTRA Interactive Teller, beginning in July 2012. At Dollar Bank, these units are referred to as Personal Teller Machines (PTMs).

Dollar Bank is the largest independent mutual bank in the nation with assets of more than $6 billion.


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