Digi International buys cloud tool developer Etherios

Infotech Lead America: Digi International has bought Etherios, a developer of The Social Machine, a new cloud-based method for integrating machines into core business processes via the Salesforce Service Cloud.

iDigi Device Cloud and Social Machine will enable machines to connect to Service Cloud. By enabling real-time machine interactions with organizations’ workflows, customers will benefit through improved asset management, greater machine uptime and the ability to offer proactive customer service.

“Etherios is a world-class cloud computing services provider with a proven track record of successful domestic and global deployments,” said Joe Dunsmore, CEO, Digi International. “We believe Digi’s deep device expertise combined with Etherios’ ability to integrate devices directly into an organization’s core business processes via the industry’s leading cloud-based CRM system can be an M2M game changer.”

Etherios delivers success to its global customer base by providing operational strategy, technical design and architecture, implementation and change management services.

“The combination of Digi and Etherios provides us with an exciting opportunity to deliver unmatched expertise in the M2M market,” said Mike Dannenfeldt, CEO, Etherios. “We believe when we combine Digi’s device knowledge and iDigi Device Cloud with The Social Machine® it will serve as a positive, disruptive force in the industry.”

Etherios’ The Social Machine enables organizations to extend the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system out to the connected asset. Through real-time monitoring of connected assets, The Social Machine is able to route cases based on alerts, alarms and errors through workflows and escalation rules defined specifically by asset type.

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