Dell zeroes in on 50 tech start-ups to watch for

With an aim to augment start-up growth, the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs has come out with its first-ever Founders Club 50, an exclusive group of emerging companies that have technology as a critical backbone and are poised for rapid growth.

Dell will provide the companies access to an exclusive marketing effort and associated resources designed to grow their businesses.

The Founders Club 50 is a two-year program that gauges business growth through access to capital, technology, sales enablement, marketing and networking.

Dell has identified the 50 startups and founders to watch in spring 2014 and is pushing them to help them reach their objectives.  Dell leverages some of the best practices and networks from today’s accelerators, VC firms, top start-up organizations, and then backs them.

Meanwhile, a new Founders Club 50 class will be announced bi-annually, and Dell is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2014 class. Each participating company will take part in the Founders Club 50 for a two-year term, with programming designed to accelerate their growth, focusing on technology, sales enablement, networking, and capital.

The companies will receive marketing access via inclusion in Dell’s social media, marketing materials and public relations efforts, said Dell.

The companies are selected by a team of technology experts from the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs based on the following criteria such as–technology as a critical component of the business, innovative and disruptive in their respective industry, recipient of venture capital or high-level of angel funding.

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