Dell Toad Business Intelligence Suite powers American universities with BYOD solutions

Dell on Wednesday said select universities in the U.S. are tapping Dell enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to improve productivity and enhance data security.

Dell Software says Kennesaw State University and Concordia University are deploying Toad Business Intelligence Suite that helps in simplifying complex data environments and unlocking the power of information.

Toad Business Intelligence Suite enables Kennesaw to regularly save HR teams up to 20 hours per week on data provisioning and validation, and increases reporting productivity threefold while empowering administrators to make faster, more informed decisions.

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Concordia University benefitted from the solution improved productivity for both technical and non-technical users by providing the right tool for the right user, said Dell on Wednesday.

Dell Toad Business Intelligence Suite, a part of Dell’s Software’s Information Management portfolio, is designed to empower both technical and non-technical users to easily access, prepare, analyze and share data from almost any source to improve decision-making, and maximize the value of the organization’s existing IT and business intelligence investments.

The suite includes Toad Intelligence Central, which allows users to combine data across multiple sources, locations and formats, and then collaborate on logical data views through two desktop tools: Toad Data Point for analytic data provisioners and Toad Decision Point for business analysts, Dell said.

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