Dell to invest $125 billion in 5 years in China

Dell CEO Michael Dell
Dell CEO Michael Dell today announced plans to make $125 billion investment in China as part of the new “In China, for China” 4.0 strategy.

Incidentally, Michael Dell, when he visited India, did not make any announcement related to investment in the country. He just said Dell will be supporting the innovation and SMBs.

Dell China strategy

#Dell to invest more than $125 billion in China over the next five years

# Dell investment will contribute approximately $175 billion to imports and exports

# Sustain more than one million jobs through the ecosystem

# Dell Ventures is entering the Chinese market

# Dell will enhance its research and development team

# Dell will tie up with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to set up the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Joint-Lab

# Dell will enhance its cooperation with local partners in the fields of big data and cloud

Michael Dell and Jun Lei, Chairman of Kingsoft Corporation, jointly launched a partnership agreement between Dell and Kingsoft Cloud.  Both parties will expand their cooperation in the fields of big data and cloud computing, and jointly launch the “Dell-Kingsoft Cloud” services.

“China and the United States are among the countries where the information industry is developing the fastest, resulting in the most vibrant enterprises,” said Dell.

Dell entered into the Chinese market in 1995. Dell already employed nearly 2,000 senior engineers.

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