Dell Technologies brings AI-capable PCs and servers

Dell Technologies has added new PC range and servers aiming to cash in on opportunity around artificial intelligence (AI) — at the Dell Technologies World 2024.
AI at Dell Technologies World 2024Dell’s AI-capable PC, targeted at professionals and consumers, is powered by Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus processors, and features Microsoft AI experiences.

Dell PowerScale F910 all-flash file storage addresses the needs of demanding AI workloads, delivering faster time to AI insights with up to 127 percent improvement in performance and superior density.

Dell Solution for AI Data Protection helps customers protect critical AI applications and data with Dell data protection software, appliances and a reference design to streamline deployment.

Dell PowerSwitch Z9864F-ON, powered by the Broadcom Tomahawk 5 chipset, doubles network performance of AI applications through a modern network architecture.

Dell PowerEdge XE9680 supports Broadcom 400G PCIe Gen 5.0 Ethernet adapters. The combination of PowerEdge hardware, PowerSwitch Z9864F-ON and 400G PCIe Gen 5.0 Ethernet adapters allow organizations to achieve greater performance.

Enterprise SONiC Distribution innovations enhance AI performance while SmartFabric Manager for SONiCsoftware simplifies deployment, orchestration and lifecycle management with a single view of SONiC fabrics.

Dell said it will bring a new server which supports Nvidia’s latest chips in the second half of 2024.

Dell’s AI-capable PCs will come with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series chips that feature neural processing units (NPUs) dedicated to processing complex AI tasks.

Customers can pre-order two of the five new PCs starting Monday, while the rest will be available in the coming months.

Dell also launched servers compatible with Nvidia’s Blackwell chips. The new server also offers liquid cooling technology, as opposed to air cooling, which tends to consume more power.

Arthur Lewis, president of the company’s infrastructure solutions group, told Reuters in an interview that Dell’s Nvidia-based servers were the fastest ramping product in its history.

Spending on AI servers is expected to surpass $33 billion in 2024, according to research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

The new Dell PowerEdge XE9680L delivers high performance with support for eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs in a smaller 4U form factor. The server provides the highest possible rack-scale density for NVIDIA GPUs in an industry standard x86 rack, offering 33 percent more GPU density per node. The platform offers 20 percent more PCIe Gen. 5 slots and double the North/South network expansion capacity.

Direct liquid cooling (DLC) improves overall efficiency with greater cooling capacity for CPUs and GPUs. The PowerEdge XE9680L is designed for easy serviceability and will be available fully configured with advanced factory integration for rack-scale deployments and onsite installation.

Dell is also announcing industry leading density and highly energy efficient turnkey rack-scale solutions that speed time to value for large GPU-accelerated deployments. Multiple variants will be available including an air-cooled design supporting 64 GPUs in a single rack, or a liquid cooled format featuring 72 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs in a single rack.

Dell NativeEdge is the first edge orchestration platform that automates the delivery of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, helping developers and IT operators easily deploy AI applications and solutions at the edge.

Businesses can analyze their edge data with new Dell NativeEdge deployment blueprints which include NVIDIA Metropolis video analytics, NVIDIA Riva speech and translation capabilities and NVIDIA NIM inference microservices.

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