Dell signs tablet deal with Duncanville School Texas, dumping Apple’s iPad

Dell has signed a major tablet deal with Duncanville Independent School District in Texas.

As per the new IT deal, Dell will supply Latitude 10 essentials configuration for the digital learning initiative of Duncanville Independent School District, Dell said on Monday.

The school district’s classrooms in third through eighth grade will benefit from tablets running on Windows 8.

School students will benefit from e-readers and they can access school applications and the internet.

Dell claims that the integration of tablets into curriculum will enable the Duncanville ISD to provide better personalized learning experience to school children.

Duncanville ISD, which already invested in Microsoft’s Windows Office Suite, will benefit from Windows 8 on the tablets as the students and teachers can utilize Windows productivity software to build digital literacy as well as develop next generation skills such as video production, online collaboration and social media.

“The fact that the tablet’s Windows 8 OS reduces headache for our IT department to manage and deploy the tablets made the Dell Latitude 10 an easy choice over the iPad,” says Vicki Smith, Director of Technology for Duncanville ISD.

Duncanville ISD selected Dell tablet after testing several tablets including Apple’s iPad.

Having already invested in software and infrastructure compatible with Windows, the Apple devices proved challenging for the district to manage and deploy in their existing ecosystem.

According to a Harris Interactive online survey commissioned by Dell and Intel, 59 percent of school system IT decision makers and administrators say choosing devices that integrate with their existing IT infrastructure and that can be managed by existing tools is the best way to minimize total cost of ownership for tablets.

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