Dell in reseller deal with SDN vendor Big Switch Networks

Dell will offer switches with SDN vendor Big Switch Networks Switch Light operating system and the Big Switch Networks Big Tap Monitoring Fabric controller in the second quarter of 2014.

As per the reseller deal with Big Switch Networks, Dell will offer Big Switch Networks’ Switch Light OS on Dell Networking’s Ethernet switching portfolio, starting with the S4810 and S6000 series. Dell will also offer Big Switch Networks’ SDN controller applications starting with the Big Tap Monitoring, said Dell.

Dell with Big Switch Networks’ Big Tap Monitoring will introduce a SDN-enabled fabric monitoring solution that empowers tapping network traffic everywhere and delivering it to security and other appliances.

Dell in reseller deal with SDN vendor Big Switch Networks

This combined Dell and Big Switch Big Tap Monitoring solution operates on the monitoring network and can be deployed incrementally.

“Dell’s push into open networking, and this announcement with Big Switch and other vendors, are great examples of original thinking and innovation coming from the new Dell,” said Tom Burns, vice president and general manager, Dell Networking.

Dell is seeing initial customer interest, among certain verticals such as large financials, Web 2.0 and mobile service providers.

Jim Bottum, CIO, Clemson University, said: “Currently, we purchase Dell and Big Switch Networks products independently. Having them team for a fully-integrated, tested and supported solution is ideal. To me, it’s a great example of the new Dell investing in research and development to help us bridge the gap between traditional networking and SDN.”

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