Dell offers 20% discount on PowerStore deals to partners

Dell Technologies is providing partners with a 20 percent upfront discount on its improved PowerStore deals, via Channel. A new Deal Desk partner support service will also be provided to help drive more PowerStore wins.
Dell PowerStore midrange all-flash storage platform
Dell Technologies has shipped over 300 PowerStore units, its midrange all-flash storage platform, to over 40 countries, since its launch in May.

Effective this week, Dell partners can now achieve 20 percent upfront discount on an entire PowerStore deal through a combination of back-end and front-end rebates with approved deal registration.

“We have improved our PowerStore pricing in form of increased front-end discount to give partners greater flexibility and profitability. Partners are key to our mid-range storage strategy and it is an opportunity for partners to be involved in the fastest growing storage market,” Anil Sethi, vice president & general manager, Channels, Dell Technologies, India said.

PowerStore is Dell’s midrange all-flash storage platform built from the ground up. It is a container-based architecture with built-in future-proof technology to address the challenges of an ever-increasing number of workloads.

PowerStore is a programmable infrastructure that aims to streamline application development and reduce deployment time from days to seconds with VMware integration and support for orchestration frameworks including Ansible, VMware vRealize Orchestrator and Kubernetes.

Research firm IDC has ranked Dell Technologies as the number 1 external enterprise storage systems supplier  during the second quarter of 2020, accounting for 27 percent of revenue.

HPE has revenue share of 10.5 percent in the external enterprise storage systems market.

NetApp has revenue share of 9.8 percent in the external enterprise storage systems business.

IBM has revenue share of 8.1 percent in the external enterprise storage systems business.

Huawei has revenue share of 7.7 percent in the external enterprise storage systems business.

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