Dell launches vWorkspace, MMES and PowerEdge R930

Enterprise networking vendor Dell has announced solutions to help customers access Windows applications, access and manage virtual desktops, manage social networks and improve productivity.

SMBs can gain benefits of desktop virtualization and Windows application delivery to a variety of endpoints including Wyse thin clients and Chrome OS devices using the Dell Application for Wyse.

The Dell vWorkspace desktop virtualization software is designed to provide organizations of all sizes with a cost-effective VDI solution that can be managed without specialized staff or consultants.

Company said access to Windows desktop and applications such as Excel and PowerPoint without the need for any client software installation on the endpoint is possible with Wyse vWorkspace.

With Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace enables organizations to self deploy their virtual desktop environment with a set of Dell-developed wizards.

Additionally, the solution is easy to plan and deploy as all VDI software is pre installed. IT genetalists with their end user administration skills can easily manage Wyse vWorkspace while minimizing operating costs and complexities.

The new solution is built on PowerEdge R730 or T630 13G servers. One appliance can deliver Windows applications to up to 350 devices starting at $180 per user for the server hardware and licenses, hypervisor and vWorkspace broker.

Dell has launched Migration Manager for Enterprise Social (MMES) to support customers which manages multiple enterprise social platforms across their organizations.

Dell has also announced PowerEdge R930 designed for the enterprise applications including Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server 2014 and Microsoft Skype for Business.

Company officials said the newly launched PowerEdge R930 runs SQL Server 2014 four times faster than previous generation.

Dell Appliance for Wyse- vWorkspace will be available at starting range of $180 per user for the server hardware and licenses, hypervisor and vWorkspace broker from Dell and through Dell PartnerDirect Partners in the US. MMES is available from today while the PowerEdge R930 server will be available from next month.