Dell Introduces New Generative AI Solutions to Drive Intelligent Transformation

Dell Technologies has unveiled a range of cutting-edge offerings aimed at empowering customers to build generative AI (GenAI) models on-premises, thus enhancing outcomes and propelling a new era of intelligence.
Dell Technologies at MWC 2017The latest Dell Generative AI Solutions, an extension of Dell’s Project Helix initiative, encompass a suite of IT infrastructure, PCs, and professional services. This approach aims to simplify the implementation of full-stack GenAI, along with large language models (LLM), enabling organizations of all sizes and across various industries to securely transform and achieve superior results.

“Generative AI can help every enterprise transform its data into intelligent applications that enable them to solve complex business challenges,” Manuvir Das, Vice President of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA, said.

Customers can use Dell Generative AI Solutions to gain access to Dell’s broad portfolio, including Dell Precision workstations, Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerScale scale-out storage, Dell ECS enterprise object storage, and a wide range of services. This all-encompassing toolkit equips organizations to deploy GenAI solutions across desktops, core data centers, edge locations, and public clouds with unmatched reliability and scalability.

A noteworthy example of Dell’s Generative AI Solutions in action is the partnership with CyberAgent, a leading Japanese digital advertising company. CyberAgent chose Dell PowerEdge XE9680 servers equipped with NVIDIA H100 GPUs, specially optimized for generative AI applications. The selection was driven by the servers’ performance capabilities and the secure local and remote server management provided by the Dell iDRAC management tool.

Moreover, the Dell Validated Design for Generative AI with NVIDIA serves as an inferencing blueprint, jointly engineered with NVIDIA. This design accelerates the deployment of a modular, secure, and scalable GenAI platform within enterprises.

Traditionally, inferencing approaches struggled to scale and support LLMs for real-time results. However, this solution enhances the quality and speed of predictions and decisions, offering a competitive edge in various areas such as customer operations, content management, software development, and sales.

Dell Validated Designs provide pre-tested and proven configurations, combining Dell infrastructure with NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, the NVIDIA NeMo end-to-end framework, and Dell software. Customers can also leverage resilient and scalable unstructured data storage, including Dell PowerScale and Dell ECS storage, via Dell APEX, offering a seamless on-premises deployment with a cloud consumption and management experience.

To complement the technology offerings, Dell Professional Services deliver an array of capabilities to accelerate GenAI adoption, boost operational efficiency, and foster innovation. These services encompass strategy development, full-stack implementation based on the Dell Validated Design for GenAI, platform adoption for specific use cases, and scaling services to improve operations through managed services, training, or resident experts.

Furthermore, Dell Precision workstations provide a local development environment for AI developers and data scientists to fine-tune GenAI models before deploying them at scale. These workstations offer unparalleled performance and reliability, with up to four NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs in a single workstation, enabling AI software frameworks to run 80 percent faster than previous generations.

Additionally, Dell Optimizer, a built-in AI software, enhances user performance across applications, network connectivity, and audio by learning and adapting to individual work patterns. The latest feature empowers mobile workstation users leveraging GenAI models to optimize application performance while minimizing the impact on battery runtime.

As the era of intelligent automation unfolds, Dell Technologies seeks to support organizations at every stage of their GenAI journey, positioning them for success in an increasingly technology-driven world. The new Dell Generative AI Solutions, backed by powerful infrastructure, advanced workstations, and comprehensive professional services, offer a compelling opportunity for enterprises to embrace intelligent transformation and drive innovation across industries.

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