Dell India to shift Mohali center operations to other sites

Enterprises IT vendor Dell today said it will shift its customer support operations from Mohali centre in Punjab to other sites and offered employees to continue work as per ‘relocation guidelines’.

“Dell has announced the transfer of business of our customer support operations from Mohali contact center to Dell’s other customer support sites namely Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Bangalore,” said a company statement issued here today.

“As the company continues to evolve, we consistently review and study our operations in an effort to remain competitive, improve our efficiency and most importantly determine where we can add the most value to customers,” it said.

“We will maintain our focus on providing our customers with the excellent support experience they expect from us, without interruption through this transition till November 2014, (from Mohali)” it further said.

Dell, which is one of the world’s largest makers of computers and other computing device, had opened its Mohali contact centre in March 2005.

Dell India

Company’s Global Chief Michael Dell had come here to inaugurate the centre which was set up to provide customer care and technical support to its customers.

Several employees working at its Mohali centre had reportedly staged protest claiming that they were asked to either shift to company’s other centres or quit the job.

However, Dell said it would like employees to continue their employment.

“Dell values its employees and would like them to continue their employment with the company and will support them as per the company relocation guidelines. However, after careful evaluation, if they choose otherwise, we would respect their decision and offer a golden handshake to these team members,” the statement said.

However, the company did not provide any detail about how many employees work at its Mohali Centre.