Dell expands cloud client computing offerings with VMware


Infotech Lead America: Dell has expanded its cloud client computing offerings enabling organizations to embrace the flexibility, productivity and cost advantages of desktop virtualization.


Dell now offers an array of enhanced end points, storage solutions and reference architectures validated by VMware.


“Dell is now able to offer a whole range of desktop virtualization solutions from the data center to the cloud that suit the needs of organizations that require rigorous security, unrivaled reliability, and above all granular control,” said Tarkan Maner, vice president and general manager, Cloud Client Computing at Dell.


Dell’s trying to extend its position in delivering virtual solutions that drive flexibility and performance and support organizations’ high performance application environments.


“Dell is focused on delivering enterprise solutions to help customers grow their businesses through more efficient, secure and cost-effective virtualized compute models. Dell is distinguishing itself from other market players by building its innovation and acquired IP into a portfolio of virtualization solutions,” said Matt Eastwood, group vice president, Enterprise Platform Research, IDC.


Desktop virtualization models are gaining ground as IT departments are looking to streamline IT management and more easily address data security and BYOD policies. Dell has a unique advantage to provide a combination of products and services that provide complete data center-to-endpoint scale to help customers address these growing challenges


Dell announced the availability of the newest members of the Dell Wyse P class family of PCoIP zero clients for VMware. The dual-display capable Dell Wyse P25 and quad-display capable Dell Wyse P45 are designed specifically for VMware View implementations, providing outstanding application delivery and resolve the challenges of provisioning, managing, maintaining and securing enterprise desktops.


“Dell’s new end-to-end cloud client computing offerings will allow for more organizations to take advantage of the benefits that desktop virtualization has to offer,” said Vittorio Viarengo, vice president, End-User Computing, VMware.


New Dell storage arrays and VMware integration supports effective data management for VDI

The new Dell EqualLogic PS6510ES (10GbE) and PS6500ES (1GbE) hybrid storage arrays bolster the company’s end-to-end capabilities for VDI.


“Our employees need the flexibility to be able to access patient information throughout our facilities. Desktop virtualization has dramatically improved our workforce mobility and lets our staff focus more time on patient care,” said Justin Johnson, Network Design Senior Advisor, Daughters of Charity Health System.


“As a Dell Wyse and PartnerDirect partner, we’re excited to see this offering and the new Desktop Virtualization Solutions Certification Competency pull all the pieces together,” said Andrew Ernst, VP Operations & Engineering Services, AdviStor.


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