Dell Canada introduces free VoIP application for BlackBerry

Dell Canada has introduced Dell Voice, the free mobile VoIP application for BlackBerry users.

Developed in conjunction with Fongo, Dell Voice enables BlackBerry owners to receive and place calls to landline and mobile phones using their data plan, without using air-time minutes.

Earlier, the company introduced the application for Android and iOS smart phones in February.

The BlackBerry app offers features such as Voicemail and Caller ID. The app enables users to make free local and long-distance calls to most of Canada, as well as free unlimited incoming calls.

Users can choose a local Canadian phone number for their Dell Voice for BlackBerry line, as well as place emergency VoIP 911 calls.

“Fongo’s aim is to deliver savings to BlackBerry users across Canada with our launch of Dell Voice for BlackBerry. BlackBerry enjoys significant market share in Canada and we are very pleased to complete our application on the top three largest platforms. Knowing the importance of BlackBerry to the business community in this country, we expect adoption on it to be even stronger,” said John Stix, CMO, Fongo.

Since its launch in February 2012, more than 130,000 Canadians have downloaded the application and have used more than 12 million minutes of free air-time calling.

The company said that this application is helping users to save money on their monthly cell phone bills.

“Leveraging the successful launch of Dell Voice earlier this year, we are delighted to expand this offering to BlackBerry devices, which have a strong presence among small businesses and corporations in Canada,” said David Miketinac, vice president and general manager, SMB, Dell Canada

Fongo said that during initial 100 days on the iPhone platform, Dell Voice was downloaded to more than 4 percent of all iPhones in Canada.

Fongo claims to be fastest growing mobile telecom

Fongo, a start-up company in Canada claimed that it has become Canada’s fastest growing mobile telecommunication company.

Fongo sadi that its suite of free calling platforms are on track to save Canadians over $100 million by offering free calling and free premium services like voicemail and call display.

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