Dell brings NetVault Backup 10 and DR6000 deduplication appliance to address backup challenges

Dell Software today added NetVault Backup 10 and DR6000 deduplication appliance to address the backup and recovery challenges of mid-size and large enterprises.

NetVault Backup 10 will be priced starts at $1,290, while the starting cost of DR6000 is $59,772 for 9TB of usable capacity.

Saravanan Jagannathan, Backup & Storage Administrator, SIFY Technologies, said: “The new web-based console for NetVault Backup 10 will be a time saver for our administrators; you can monitor and access all the options from a single window.”

“The graphs allow our administrators to immediately assess the health of the backup operations. They can see, in real time, what backup jobs are running, as well the relative amount of bandwidth they are using. This will allow us to increase the productivity of our IT staff,” Jagannathan said.

Dell said NetVault Backup 10 features upgrades including web-based GUI, enhanced scalability, and better performance through integration with DR6000 deduplication appliance.

On the other hand, the DR6000 is designed specifically for larger enterprises, offering users more than double the raw capacity and greater scalability than the DR4100, which is optimized for small- to mid-size organizations.

NetVault Backup 10’s web-based GUI can be accessed from any standard browser. DR6000 offers global management, giving users the ability to manage multiple deduplication appliances from a single interface.

Dell said the DR6000 comes with the industry’s first source-side deduplication for NFS and CIFS backup by way of its Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS technology, which delivers 3-5-times better backup performance with no disruption to existing workflows. In addition, customers can simultaneously replicate data from 64 different DR series deduplication appliances to a single DR6000 appliance.

The combination of NetVault Backup 10 and the DR6000 will offer backup speeds with a throughput of up to 22 terabytes per hour when using Rapid Data Access (RDA) technology.

NetVault Backup 10 has more than three times its previous scalability. The DR6000 provides up to 180TB of usable storage capacity, a 122 percent increase over the 81TB offered by the DR4100, its mid-market counterpart. It also provides support for 4-terabyte drives resulting in improved storage density, and four MD1200 expansion shelves.

By InfotechLead News Team