Dell adds 3 new modules for PowerEdge FX for IT infrastructure flexibility

Dell has introduced three new modules for the PowerEdge FX portfolio: PowerEdge FD332, PowerEdge FC430 and PowerEdge FC830.

The new modules will help the organizations to configure complete workloads using modular building blocks of IT resources.

PowerEdge FD332 provides up to 16 direct attached small form factor (SFF) storage devices and enables scale-out solutions.

The customers can combine servers and storage in a variety of configurations to address specific processing needs when PowerEdge FX servers attach to a single FD332 or multiple FD332s.

PowerEdge FC430 allows the organizations to host more than 72 percent more virtual desktop users in 10 times less space than Cisco UCS for better total cost of ownership.

The company said PowerEdge FC830 is powered by up to four next-generation multi-core Intel Xeon processors and has 3TB of memory.

Dell’s Power Edge FX has helped customers to manage, scale and budget for infrastructure to meet the needs of the business now and into the future.

Dell is providing its customers with PowerEdge servers and holds the No. 2 position in the global x86 server market.

The company currently has 21 percent unit share and is growing its server portfolio at more than two times the pace of the industry.


The PowerEdge FX architecture has enabled customers to address changing workload demands while providing high reliability, availability and serviceability.

Stack_Overflow, an online community for programmers, decided to update their infrastructure with the latest solutions from Dell including the PowerEdge FX platform.

Tapad, a cross device content delivery company, also turned to the PowerEdge FX architecture to address their need for a flexible IT solution that could scale to meet business growth demands.

Company officials said PowerEdge allows the customers to easily configure, manage and add capacity to complete workload-specific blocks of IT resources and is designed with integrated management capabilities.

Last month, Dell announced the release of full API lifecycle management to Dell Boomi which offers a multi-purpose Platform as a Service (PaaS) that supports all major integration use cases, master data management (MDM) and API management so that companies can move, manage and govern data on a single platform using a single interface.

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  1. A slight correction – all three of these were introduced when Dell announced the FX architecture in late 2014. The announcement is that the FD332 storage sled and the FC430 compute nodes are now available for purchase. The FC830 will not start shipping until Intel releases the E5-4600 v3 CPU later this year.